Year-Around Soccer Program in Dutch

Tuition for the school year: $820

Special $200 discount for students who are also currently enrolled in De Nederlandse School in Bethesda: $620

Special $100 discount for students who are currently enrolled in the Washington International School or the British International School, but not in De Nederlandse School in Bethesda: $720

24 sessions this school year, each session is 1.5 hours long. Plus supervised lunch and includes complimentary shuttle bus.

Down-Payment and First-Time Registration Fee

The down-payment* for the 2019/20 season is $100 and should be sent at the time of registration. (See here how.)

For new students, there is a registration fee of $60 for students who were not enrolled in the previous year to cover part of the cost of setting each student up, managing jersey orders etc.

Soccer Jerseys

Cost Contribution: $65

Includes official Adidas jersey with logo, official Adidas shorts with logo, Adidas socks in the team colors (orange, white, orange).

Saturday Schools Soccer League Participation

Cost Contribution: $185 (If student is not enrolled in practice: it is possible to participate only in the games.)

Special rate for students who are also enrolled in practice: $95

Payment Schedule

Registration Fee, Jersey Set, and League Participation should be included in the September payment.
Submitted down-payments should be deducted from the September payment.

The tuition amount (see above, $985 or the reduced rate of $745 for students of the De Nederlandse School in Bethesda, or the reduced rate of $865 for WIS and BIS students) can be submitted at once in September or can be split in two, with one half included in the September payment and one half submitted in January.
The January payment should include a $14 administration fee, which can be reduced to $7 if the check is dated January 4 but submitted in September already.

The check order should be: MY LANGUAGE PROGRAMS. Please refer to the check instruction page for more details.

* The down-payment is not refundable, except if the family has to unexpectedly move away from the DC area for professional or personal reasons before the start of the school year.

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